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Micah Clark


Micah Clark is the owner of Clark Brothers Homes, the company has an office in Roswell, GA that services the entire Atlanta area for roofing and exterior renovations.

Micah Clark’s Life

Micah was born and raised in Buford, Georgia. Micah is a military veteran who straight out of high school in 2008, he joined the Army National Guard and spent eleven months in Afghanistan from 2009-2010. He married his wife Heather in 2016. Together they have three boys—Archie, Joseph, and Benjamin.

Micah Clark’s Experience

Micah spent years working with major insurance companies, inspecting over 1000 roofs on their behalf. During that time, he saw homeowners lose thousands of dollars on poor installs and improper representation. Micah decided enough was enough. He wanted to provide people with a reliable and trustworthy service. From these convictions, the company Clark Brothers Homes was born.

Micah Clark, Owner
Micah Clark, Owner of Clark Brothers Homes

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