What are Some Top-Quality Roofing Materials for Homes?

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CertainTeed Roofing Shingles
Top-Quality CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

A typical shingle roof will last about 20 years. However, when you use high-quality roofing materials in your home, you can extend the life expectancy and durability of your roof. 

There are many top-quality roofing materials offered by CertainTeed that are used by our roofing company. In fact, they were selected as a winner for the Professional Remodelers Best in Class award and have received an impressive certification from Underwriters Laboratories. Keep reading to see why our family-owned company chooses the CertainTeed industry’s best roofing supplies and range of quality material options!

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    CertainTeed is a Top Roofing Supplier

    CertainTeed is also a top supplier of roofing companies across the country. This means that no matter where you live, you can buy their roofing materials or find a professional roofing contractor that uses their materials!

    Not only do they offer asphalt roofing shingle products, but they also have supplies for solar installation, siding, decking, fences, and more! No matter what home improvement project you are working on, CertainTeed is the best supplier for your exterior project.

    The top 5 reasons that choosing CertainTeed for your residential roofing needs can be made with confidence:


    1) Top Quality

    Through every step, from the factory to your roof, CertainTeed ensures consistent quality in every shingle sold, including for long-term performance.

    2) No-Hassle Warranties

    They offer a great hassle-free warranty behind every single shingle from manufacturing defects. Visit certainteed.com/warranty

    3) Innovative Technology

    CertainTeed continues to be very focused on continually perfecting its roofing technology as seen below.

    • NailTrak – fast, accurate, visible nail lines.
    • QuadraBond – advanced layering protects against delamination.
    • ClimateFlex – all-weather application.
    • StreakFighter – resists algae growth.
    • Solaris CoolRoof – advanced solar reflectivity.

    Learn more about the CertainTeed Roofing Technologies mentioned above.

    4) Third-Party Verification

    Underwriters Laboratory independently verifies their fiberglass products to verify they are meeting the quality standards of ASTM D3462 and that CertainTeed’s products can withstand 150mph winds.

    5) Beautiful Portfolio of Asphalt Shingles

    If you want the best shingles possible, then asphalt is undoubtedly the best choice a vast majority of the time, thus having a wide variety of colors and design styles is a big plus.


    The Categories of Asphalt Roofing Shingles They Offer

    CertainTeed actually bought out a metal roofing supplier several years ago but shut down that operation last year (2020) to focus exclusively on the manufacturing of asphalt shingles only.

    Strip Shingles

    These are the original industry shingle that is single-layered while generally designed to look like a slite and what you most commonly see on a home’s roof. Strip shingles are a very flat appearance on the roof and typically the lightest shingle available. While also being the predominantly used roofing shingle, especially by home builders manufacturing economy-priced homes.

    Examples of strip shingles are CertainTeed’s XT 25. Be sure to check out CertainTeed’s FAQ page to learn more.

    Dimensional Shingles

    Predominantly installed roofing shingles within North America, the product manufacturing is a dual-layered product or even multi-layered in some instances to provide a thicker and richer appearance on the roof. These shingles are commonly a heavier weight than strip shingles with an improved warranty ranging from 30-years to a Lifetime.

    CertainTeed’s Landmark PRO roofing shingles are an example of a dimensional shingle.

    Luxury Shingles / Premium Shingles

    These shingles are commonly described as laminated shingles with a very differentiated appearance from the traditional dimensional shingles mentioned above. The product gives off a very natural shake shingle to provide an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The shingle is manufactured to be impact-resistant, which protects the shingle from hail storms and often extends the roofing system’s life.

    CertainTeed’s Grand Manor and Presidential Shake products are prime examples of Luxury roofing shingles. Be sure to visit their website or even reach out to us to view the numerous shingle designs and color options.

    Award-Winning Company

    Finally, CertainTeed is an award-winning company! They have been recognized by Saint-Gobain for their safety performance and have been given several safety awards. This shows that they do their best to protect their employees and customers. 

    CertainTeed was also recognized as a winner of the Professional Remodelers Best in Class award. This sets them apart from their competition and shows that they are the very best in the business. 

    When you choose to work with an award-winning company like CertainTeed, you can be sure that you are getting the best products and services on the market.

    Offer Sustainable Roofing Options

    Another reason that CertainTeed has won awards is that they are also recognized for their responsible building efforts. They incorporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility to make sure their business helps the environment and others. 

    Because CertainTeed supplies so many companies with roofing materials, they focus on making products that improve the environment. Their efforts help to preserve water, energy consumption, and material waste. 

    Finally, CertainTeed offers products that improve your environment whether you are working or at home. Their high-performing products create environments that are better for people to live and work in.

    Get These Top-Quality Roofing Materials With Clark Brothers Homes

    When you are getting a new roof on your home, you want to make sure it will be durable and last for many years. By choosing top-quality roofing supplier like CertainTeed, you can rest assured that your roof will last much longer! 

    This is why Clark Brothers Homes uses CertainTeed for its roofing material. We are a veteran-owned company and love that CertainTeed has a “roofs for the red, white & blueprogram that helps veterans

    Contact our team today to learn more about our roofing repair and replacement services, the materials we use, for roofing advice, and to get a free roof inspection!

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