5 Indicators of a Home Roof Replacement

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5 Indicators of a Home Roof Replacement
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As you go through your house for spring cleaning and your usual maintenance, it is important that you analyze your house from top to bottom. With the onset of weather from rain to snow to even harsh winds, our homes take a serious beating throughout the year. Repairs, and even a home roof replacement, are inevitable.

As with our own physical health, an issue that goes unchecked can worsen over time. So that small water leak in your attic, could mean more problems and construction if left unattended.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Along with the walls, it is the main sheltering component of your home. Issues with your roof could result in issues with insulation, temperature control, and many other issues that could result in a huge dent in your maintenance budget or emergency fund.

In some cases, there can be repairs made to your roof in order to preserve the structure decently until a later date when a new roof replacement is more manageable. In other cases, a replacement is practically mandatory in order to maintain the structural integrity of your home staying in good condition. Here are five reasons that you may need a home roof replacement.

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    1) Storm Damage

    Depending on which part of the country you reside in, you are susceptible to eminent weather in varying forms. In Georgia, we are known for having all of the forms of weather. We are known for experiencing hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, and some pretty intense showers that cause water damage. In the more recent years, there has even been evidence of earthquakes! Also, let’s not even begin the discussion on the snow.

    So with all of that in mind, we have to be vigilant when the weather gives us a break and make sure our houses are in ship shape for the next round of uncontrolled weather. One of these methods is by ensuring that we have the best homeowners insurance plans for things such as floods, wind damage, etc. A major step in that is in checking our roof for storm damage.

    Let’s say that you and your family survived a Tropical Storm last summer or even a Depression. Everything seemed to be fine, and as time went on, nothing appeared to contradict that. It may be months later before you start to notice discoloration in your ceiling or a musky odor that seems to linger after a rainstorm.

    Often after a storm, shingles can be loosened and could appear to be stable when in reality they are compromised and need to be replaced. Over time water begins to seep in, and there is your problem.

    A simple roof consultation like the one we offer at Clark Brothers Homes could reveal these small issues early before they become larger issues later. The best part about it is that it’s a FREE Inspection!

    2) New Addition

    Okay, so you are ready to do some remodeling on your home. Congratulations!!! You have been in your home for a period of time, and now you are ready to make some changes to engrave yourself even more into your own place. Perhaps you are interested in adding a room for guests or family. Maybe you want to combine two rooms to make a more open space for your home improvement.

    When you are considering these options and exploring your different options for renovation, don’t forget about your roof! Often during remodeling projects particularly, when talking about moving walls or any other structural renovations, people can forget about one of the most important parts: the roof.

    The roof you currently have was structured to suit the format and floor plan of your home as it is. Once you begin making those changes, there may be a need for a new roof to suit the new space you are creating.

    3) Numerous Water Leaks

    Some of the older and more seasoned homes are known for “raining on the inside and leaking on the outside.” In these cases, there are not enough buckets to withstand the amount of leaks that are present in your home. It is just time for a new roof project.

    At this point your home is already experiencing major effects of water damage from dry rot to mildew. There may actually be cause for more renovations, but the roof should be a priority. If you decide to renovate any other part of the home with the same roof, you risk damaging the new work you’ve already put in.

    Not to mention, leaking roofs and stagnant water is known for resulting in toxic molds and other pests that are not healthy for our lungs, skin, etc.

    4) Premature or Normal Ageing

    Depending on your location, your house may look pristine or it may look much older than it actually is depending on the climate and eminent weather. Often humidity and storms cause premature aging of a house or property even without actual damage. At times shingles can be worn down to the point of being useless years before the normal limit of a shingle.

    In these cases, it is again important to check your home often and make adjustments as needed. While many roofs are good for 15 to 25 years, it is still important to have inspections in case of abnormal wear and tear.

    Even if you are not living in an area where the weather can be unpredictable, it is still good to check and make sure everything is stable. Early intervention prevents future problems that could be extremely expensive when they become noticeable.

    5) Increased Home Value

    The best part of owning your home is the fact that it’s an appreciating asset. Each renovation could potentially add value to your home if you decide to sell or rent at a later date. A new roof is a HUGE appreciating asset, especially if done correctly by the local roofing contractor you select.

    Also with major changes to a home, it almost gives it that newly built feel which makes your potential tenants or buyers more eager to purchase. Specifically with family homes, people are not as inclined to purchase homes that require major changes. A new roof could make a major difference when it comes to negotiating price.

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    How to Find the Best Roof Replacement Near Me?

    In conclusion, there are several reasons that a person would require a roof replacement. Regardless of whether you are interested in repairs or a complete roof replacement, Clark Brothers Homes is interested in helping you maintain your home and ensure that you have a safe and healthy space for you and your family. If you live in Roswell or anywhere in the Atlanta area, contact us today to discuss our offer for a free inspection from roof to foundation as well as our other exterior renovation services.

    Every customer receives the Clark Guarantee—Honorable Service.

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