How to Identify Wind Damage to Roof Easily

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How to Identify Wind Damage to Roof
Marking Wind Damage on Residential Roof

Have you ever dressed for one type of weather and then walked outside to find the polar opposite? For example, you dress for the summer including a short-sleeved tshirt and shorts. Once you walk outside, you feel the brisk, cold wind against your arms and legs and even worse the back of your neck. This is a common occurrence within the southeastern part of the United States and causes wind damage to roofs.

The fact of the matter is that seasons change. In our region, those seasonal changes can often happen within a day depending on the time of the year. We can wake up to sunny days and end in a rainstorm. With these seasonal changes, inclement weather is inevitable. With thunderstorms, tornados, tropical storms, and hurricanes, wind damage happens.

When looking at your home before and after inclement weather, it is important to assess all of the areas in which wind damage can occur and do your best to prevent the damage or fix it as soon as possible. It is easy to dismiss a few damaged or missing shingles, but this ‘small’ amount of wind damage can result in water damage and could allow unwanted furry guests into your home.

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    1) What can wind damage to a roof look like from the exterior?

    A damaged roof can look like a few cracked shingles, loosened shingles, or even missing shingles. It can also look like a giant hole in the roof as a result of the wind blowing a tree over onto your house. Regardless of the level of damage, if left unattended more damage can be caused later resulting in potential health hazards (i.e. mold, mildew, and/or pests) and more expensive repairs later. At the end of the day, you will want to get the damage repaired as soon as possible by finding a local roofing company to get a roof inspection report.

     Signs of an unchecked wind damaged roof can include the following:

    • Discolored ceiling and walls: This is proof of water damage. At this point the damage is severe and will require a deeper repair. It is important to identify these damages before they get too bad.
    • Draftiness: If you don’t have an unfinished basement or vaulted ceilings and still are noticing a drafty feeling to your house or even an elevated electric bill, you may want to have your roof checked. A good roof is meant to also provide some insulation for your home (keeping the hot/cold air in).
    • After a storm: If you have recently been through a seasonal storm that caused damage to your home or neighboring homes, it is a good idea to have your home checked for wind damage.

    Pictures of wind damage to shingles:

    2) What Should I do if wind damage is suspected?

    Even if you suspect wind damage, it is best to check into it. First of all, we DO NOT advise climbing on your roof to look at the damage firsthand. After a storm, a your roof could still be slippery. With the fact that most roofs are still sloped, it is not safe for the average person to be up there. There are definitely simpler ways to identify wind damage to your roof. If you have binoculars, you can check parts of the roof at a distance. Other people may want to make use of a drone in order to assess the damage. Now, you can finally make use of that expensive toy you bought for your children.

    Clark Brother Homes also offers a FREE Inspection of your roof. One of our trained and skilled professionals will come to your home, at no cost to you, to take a look at your roof and identify any damage if there is any. This will alleviate any anxiety you may have about the status of your roof and eliminate that common fear of heights that you may face if you consider going up there on your own.

    If any damage is noted, your inspector can work with you to come up with a plan to repair your roof or at maximum replace the roof all together. There are definite cases in which this would be preferred including, but not limited to, wind damage + water damage over a period of time.

    3) Is Wind Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

    We at Clark Brother Homes understand the economic strain that everyone is under right now. That is why we are suggesting early prevention and intervention. The earlier you start the less expensive the cost. It is much easier and less costly to replace a few wind damaged shingles than to replace support beams, ceilings, and walls.

    The biggest question is “Is Wind Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?” Most homeowners insurance will pay for roof repairs and often replacements due to wind damage or storm damage if a proper claim is made. We at Clark Brother Homes have experience in working with insurance companies and can help make the claim process easier for you. We can give you a thorough description of the damage including pictures of wind damaged shingles. Stay tuned for an upcoming article covering insurance claims assistance.

    4) Our Wind Damage Services

    In conclusion, taking care of your roof is one of those things that always gets shifted to the bottom of a homeowner’s to-do list. Between all of the immediate day-to-day activities and the simple fact that this is known to be a taxing thing to deal with, it is no wonder why roofing costs easily skyrocket. At Clark Brother Homes, our aim is to make things easy for you. We don’t want you stressing about this part of owning your home. We have trained professionals that know exactly how to identify roof wind damage. 

    We are offering our FREE inspection which allows you to know exactly what is going on with your roof. One of our experts will do a thorough analysis of your roof and identify any damages whether they be caused by wind or another factor. We can think sit down with you and discuss what needs to be done and the different methods to pay for it including what is needed for your insurance claim. Contact us at Clark Brother Homes today to find out how to get a FREE inspection for your roof, TODAY!

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