General Causes of Storm Damage, Aftermath and Roof Inspection

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Note: If you are experiencing roof leaks caused by storm damage, we recommend reaching out to one of our Roof Specialists immediately to get a Free Roof Inspection (and if it’s a quick fix, then we can usually handle it on the spot if requested).

There are a lot of questions around the types of storms that cause the most roof damage, types of damage, what homeowners insurance covers, and what should be done in the aftermath of damage occurring. If, at the end of this brief article that you have any questions, then please give us a call, and we will gladly be of assistance.  

Weather events can be unpredictable, and even a brand new roof will sustain damage by torrential rain, hail, snow, or even a tornado. A durable roof that can withstand the elements is critical for the protection of your home, possessions, and provide shelter for your family when a storm passes through your area. Once a roof has sustained storm damage, please don’t leave it to chance since it can lead to further home damage and nullify a future homeowner’s insurance claim.

What causes the most storm damage to a roof?

Ideally, today’s roofs should withstand all sorts of rough weather, but some factors can inflict more severe damage. High winds, severe hail, and falling debris are the most common events that lead to roof damage to homes.

Wind Damage

Even if your roof is brand new, high force winds can cause shingles to blow off. An old or neglected roof may have whole sections that take flight, and if your roof is compromised in any way, then leaks and other interior damage can occur. Whether it’s a few missing shingles or a whole new roof installed, a professional roofing contractor can quickly assess the problem and provide recommendations.

Hail Damage

Hail is a force of nature, but not one you want landing on your roof. Over time, bruised or cracked roof shingles can allow water to infiltrate the interior. If you suspect damage after a hail storm, get in touch with a professional roofing contractor to assess your roof. They will let you know if you need repairs and work with you to file an insurance claim.  

Falling Debris

Even if you maintain your garden and lock items down, during a storm, there’s a high chance of tree branches or other debris falling on your roof. Some of these can be large enough to cause real damage to your roof. Using a trusted roofing company can make all the difference to whether you move forward or wait for months to get the insurance payout you need. 

What are the signs of storm damage?

Curled, buckled or missing roof shingles, and broken or damaged roof flashing are apparent signs of storm damage. Water spots, wet walls, and water damage in the attic or on the ceiling can also depict a damaged roof. 

Other signs aren’t as visible and require a roofing contractor’s knowledge and expertise to know what to look for when inspecting the roof. We do not recommend climbing on the roof to look at yourself; it may be unsafe or slippery after a storm. Use binoculars from the ground, or if you have a drone, you could do a flyover and take photos, so you have a record. 

Will insurance pay for storm damage to my roof?

Homeowner’s insurance will usually pay for storm damage to roofs, depending on the type of policy and what it covers or excludes. Roof damage from a storm involving hail, wind, and rain and even extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, can be covered since these are outside of a homeowner’s control.

Not getting storm damage checked out right away can mean not being covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies generally don’t cover gradual damage from existing leaks. It’s your responsibility to have the damage assessed by a professional roofing contractor, and the roof quickly fixed to ensure you have full coverage.

Found Storm Damage?

The first thing to do if you notice storm damage to your roof is to call Clark Brothers Homes to get a free inspection. We can undertake any minor repairs needed, or if a new roof is required, we will apply a temporary fix and install a new roof that comes with a ten-year warranty. 

ADVANTAGE: Our owner Micah Clark has years of experience on the insurance claim side before starting Clark Brothers Homes, which over the years has been invaluable to our clients getting their roof replacements covered through their insurance coverage. 

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