Getting a Free Roof Inspection Report from a Local Company

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Finding a Free Roof Inspection Company in Atlanta
Getting a Roof to Foundation Free Inspection Report in Atlanta

I’ll attempt to cover commonly asked questions that our roofing crews hear in the Atlanta area, such as “Are roof inspections free?”, “How do I find a free roof inspection near me?”, and “Advice for Picking a Roof Inspection Company?”.

Is your roof is over ten years old? Are you experiencing water leaks or water spots on your ceiling? Worried about hail damage from a recent hail storm? Or did a recent storm put a tree branch in your living room? Requesting a free roof inspection from a roofing contractor near you is an excellent first step. A well-detailed report is great for current homeowners or even prospective homeowners looking to buy.

Comment below or contact us directly if you still have questions after reading this article. We would love to assist!

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    1) Are Roof Inspections Free?

    Yes, or they absolutely should be! There should be no roof inspection cost. If you’ve been chatting with a local roofing contractor and they’ve been straightforward (or even hinted) at a financial charge, our advice would be to not work with that company. During our research, we’ve found roof inspection costs ranging from free to $200.


    The paid inspection reports aren’t any better than what you can get for free. You can easily find a local roofing company to provide a free roof inspection report. These reports will often provide all the details of their findings, and usually, they’ll have taken photos or/and videos of any damage they find for documentation.


    Don’t be confused if these inspection reports are labeled consultation, assessment, or even an estimate; regardless of the term, an inspection shouldn’t cost you a dime.

    2) How do I Find a free roof inspection near me?

    Our first place to start would be Google, Bing, or even DuckDuckGo search engine results using “local roofing contractor” or “best roofing company near me” in your search term.

    You can try playing around with a combination of two words, such as “roofing” + “specialist, professional, company,” or such, along with your city, whether it’s “Atlanta,” “Roswell,” etc…

    3) Advice for Picking a Roof Inspection Company?

    We strongly advise being wary. You’ll find many fly-by-night roofing companies, no matter where you live. It’s easy to be sold by a great looking business card, sexy website, or lots of “accreditation” logos that don’t mean much or lead nowhere.


    Check out the number of their reviews and the dates of the most recent reviews. We’ve found the most honest reviews seem to mention individual names of the roof specialist for the roofing company.


    Our strongest recommendation is to check if the company has a physical office address. There are a lot of horror stories of shady roofing companies, don’t become one of those stories. Research of the roofing company’s website will often find you an address (or several) of their “office” in the area. A little research will often uncover a P.O. box or a random office building with no photos of their office.

    We’ve even seen an “office address” for a roofing company being a random CVS store, which is mind-blowing! Look for an office picture that displays their logo outside or inside. Research shows there are few companies with an actual office.

    Do a little research, a little vetting never hurts!

    Why Not Us?

    We Offer Free Roof Inspections around Atlanta

    Our Home Specialists are some of the best-trained roofing experts in the industry at identifying problem areas while inspecting the condition of your roof. An inspection that isn’t high quality, can yield costly repairs in the future.

    We determine if any needed repairs or replacement are from normal wear and tear, or caused by storm or wind damage. If a roof replacement is required, our team is the best in the industry at working with insurance companies and filing a claim on behalf of our clients and their peace of mind. Often times the insurance company covers the roof repair or replacement’s full cost, without an increase in the premium.

    Our roofing crews know all too well that a functional roof is essential in protecting your family and valuables from incremental weather and costly repairs. If you live in Roswell or anywhere in the Atlanta area, visit our office in Roswell or schedule an inspection below. We would love to Honorably Serve you and your family.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to educate people by writing this article. The average person does not know much about roofing, so it is good that someone is taking the time to put high quality material out there to inform and educate. It helps the small business owner like me. We recently opened a roofing operation here in Richmond Virginia, and we like to come across content like this. You did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!

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