The DIY Steps of One’s Roof Inspection

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Time Required: 15-20 minutes, Difficulty: Easy

Our company get these questions a lot: “Am I able to inspect my own roof? And if so, what are some of the main signs to look for when doing a Roof Inspection?” Most of these questions come from caring homeowners who feel their roof is adequately doing its job and would prefer to not waste the time of a roofing specialist. Most homeowners feel bad if an inspector comes out to give a free roof inspection if it’s unneeded or they can do it themselves. While a homeowner usually isn’t able to inspect a roof to the extent it should be inspected, there are a few things to look for that will help confirm the validity of the roof:

1) Ground Level Visual Roof Inspection

Stand on the ground outside your house, move away from your home so you are able to visually inspect your roof, moving around the house to view each side of the roof. You will want to look for any signs of missing shingles and/or masses of moss and lichen (which could signal the roof is decaying underneath). Black algae stains are usually just cosmetic, but they can be nearly impossible to identify from the ground and could in fact be something more serious.

2) Attic Level Visual Inspection

If you are able, move to the attic and look for leaks in the ceiling or areas that seem to be letting light in. Be on the lookout for water stains, mold, wood rot, and other signs that water is making its way into your home.

3) Consider the Time Existence

Do you remember/know if the roof was replaced within the last fifteen years ago? The life of the roof can vary depending on the quality/type of materials and the weather the roof has been exposed to over the years. There is a lot to consider when figuring out the lifespan of a roof. If your roof is older than fifteen years old, we recommend having it inspected by a Roof Specialist.

4) New Roof Replacements Around You

Have neighbors around you needed new roofs or repairs on their roof? Have there been any severe storms in your area recently?

If you answered yes to any of these items or are unsure, we recommend you have a reputable roof specialist perform a free roof inspection. The integrity of your roof and the safety of your home and family is of utmost importance, so do not be concerned about whether or not a roofing specialist will be wasting their time. As a roofing company in the Atlanta area, we appreciate you respecting our time, but our advice to all our friends and family is to be safe and let us perform an inspection. It’s free for you, and the price to pay for possible damage due to a compromised roof just isn’t worth it. 

If there is damage to your roof that appears to be from severe storm damage, your insurance company could cover up to 100% of your new roof! 

Final note: Please contact us today if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. If you would like to stay up to date on our latest blog articles, please sign up for our monthly newsletter below. Thank you for your support, and please reach out for a free roof inspection from one of our Home Specialist for a Roof to Foundation inspection of your home.

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