Helping our Metro Atlanta Veteran Community during Covid-19

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Obviously we’re all inundated with information on coronavirus and are making tough decisions as we weather this time of unknowns during COVID-19.  We at Clark Brothers Homes are especially concerned with the well-being of our Veterans and the elderly. As service is, and always will be, our #1 priority, let us know if you are in need or know of a Veteran or elderly person in need of assistance. Our team at Clark Brothers is more than happy to grocery shop, deliver food, pick-up medications, etc. It will be our honor to help. Just call/text or email us: 678-929-7072 or [email protected]

We also know the sudden school closures across metro Atlanta will leave some children without meals and parents struggling to provide for their familiesIf you, or someone you know, needs food for their family, please contact us so we can help.  We’ve all had our ups and downs and there’s no shame in needing help. 

Clark Brothers Homes will remain open and available to handle all inspections/repairs/roof replacements and exterior renovations. But we won’t be shaking your hand, which goes against everything ingrained in us. Our team has been instructed to not attend any inspections or come into the office if they feel sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.  The office staff is working from home as much as possible.  

When our specialists go out for an inspection or repair, you can talk with them via phone or with some “social distancing” in place outside. If you have interior work needing attention (say there was a leaking roof), our specialists can either 1. Wear gloves and observe “social distancing”. or  2. Advise you on how to take pictures of the damage or show us areas of concern via FaceTime. For the next two weeks, as we watch COVID-19 unfold, #2 is the preferred method to give the most protection to you and our specialist. 

We can handle the immediate exterior needs of replacing your roof, doing repairs or painting without ever entering your home. Non-essential interior repairs can be completed once this situation passes (now if there is mold from a leak then that should be addressed ASAP due to health concerns). 

Stay healthy and let us know if you need anything from us.  Just send an email to [email protected] or call/text us at 678-929-7072.

Let’s band together during this time and support those who need us, 

Micah Clark
678-332-6036 (m) 
[email protected]

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